Wolves in The Valley - Christianity With Bite

Free Book - "Wolves in The Valley - Christianity With Bite"

by: Sean Davila

Edition 2 of Christianity with Bite is for people who want/ need to hear God’s voice in a way that has just as much bite as the rest of their life does. It is Jesus as a warrior, not a glowing cherub from a painting 200 years ago. It is Jesus as the most powerful and kick-butt force the universe has ever seen, period. And he is my best friend, wow – who can mess with that…

Thirteen easy to read, yet intense chapters about a journey through the author's own personal "Valley of Death/Hope." Wolves in the Valley” is centered around a dark yet uplifting storyline with amazing revelations from prayer. This is the first of a trilogy. The Valley is an amazing testimony to the power of God, that will inspire you in your own walk, through the doors and corridors that we spend our time opening and traversing

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