Physics of Subspace Geometry

Free Book - "Physics of Subspace Geometry"

by: David Butterworth

Here's the science of the future. My approach to a unified Physics theory that combines gravity, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces into a simple theory of subspace singularities. The future of cheap energy, force fields, and warp travel to the stars is in the near future. Look at the new science that will open up a whole new future for us. I have given this 12 page document for free in the hopes that everyone will see it. If you can please distribute this to friends and family.
A new revolution is starting. It is time for us to find our own truths and not what experts tell us to believe. However I welcome their review as well.
My book "Little Book Open" has more truths to be given than I could put into this document. That book is available to anyone who would want to know the truth.

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